West End Girl



Sweater: West End Girl by some designer named Yelena Dasher; Black Trillium Fibres Pebble Worsted in Bright Rose
Skirt 1: J. Crew felted wool skirt; similar styles at Ann Taylor, Madewell, and T by Alexander Wang
Skirt 1: J Crew fluted mini skirt; several similar styles at ASOS including in chartreuse, purple, and hot pink, as well as a more versatile winter white at Nordstrom
Boots: Manolo Blahnik; I'm going to be honest - there is nothing out there right now like these boots which I bought from an online consignment store, however if you'd like to dream big with me, these Gucci low boots are amazing!
Lip 1: Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Hot
Lip 2: Make Up Forever Rouge Artist natural in N31, Soft Fushia (sic)

Can you tell I had fun shooting these photos?

I saw a really cute, slightly cropped sweater by Acne last year that worked a lattice across the front and had really deep ribbing. Like a lot of capital-F fashion, it wasn't super accessible to people who aren't fashion bloggers, but I dug the lattice, and I dug the wild electric mint green it was worked in. Fast forward to seeing some of the Black Trillium Fibres bright rose shade and an idea was born. This process was not without hiccups, however, as it was my first time charting a pattern at all, and definitely my first time trying to apply a motif across multiple sizes in a way that would preserve the feel while making the sweater available to a range of people.

But I had some truly amazing and intrepid test knitters and the yarn, which I know I gush about a lot, is just ridiculously awesome (I know I'm not supposed to buy more yarn, but I am heartily tempted to get myself another SQ of this). I'm really proud of the sweater and I think it has looked wonderful on the testers which also makes me happy - the idea that people would volunteer their time and yarn and not end up with a sweater they love keeps me up at night.

Ok, so let's talk fun styling. It's a hot pink sweater. It's so outrageous, it's almost a neutral. Yes, it's fine with the grey wool skirt, but it totally works with the chartreuse one, and I also have a traffic cone orange skirt I think I'll wear it with. As for the metallic grey knee-high boots, they were a ridiculous deal (albeit used), and they fit perfectly, and I simply couldn't leave them on the site for someone else to grab. Will I wear them as often as I wear my knee-high black boots? No. Am I absolutely ecstatic that they have joined the family? Yes. Hair and makeup were also a blast for these photos. Whether I went with mod or pop, the sweater just encouraged theatricality, so I hope you find the results as amusing as I do.

And I really do think this would make a great Christmukah present to yourself - grab a SQ, take some of your time off to curl up with a sweater WIP, and show me your FO sometime next year!


  1. If you used a tutorial for your hair in the mod shot, link, please! I've been wanting to do something like that with my hair, but I'm not sure how to get started.
    Also, the sweater was super fun to knit, and I love my FO. Be prepared, when my hair isn't pink anymore, I'm totally copying you. ;)

    1. A tutorial. Hahahahahahahaha. Here's why you don't see any photos of the sweater from the back with this hairdo: because it was cobbled together with spit and string. I essentially took hair from my crown and made it into that poof (my hair was two days dirty BTW) and bobby pinned it in place before doing the rest of my hair in a non-fancy bun. It looks like a hairdo from the front, and looks like a science experiment from behind.

      I welcome your twinsiness!

  2. It's not neon, but I'm contemplating this in my SQ of Imperial Yarns Erin (in the prettiest shade of red imaginable). :)

    1. It will look so classic in red! I am a great hoarder of erin myself and it will give it a nice rustic feel! One of the testers made a version for her daughter in a gorgeous wine shade, so it definitely likes the red hues!

  3. The more I look at this gorgeous sweater, the more I know you are totally, 100% correct that I need one in hunters orange. Just gotta find the right yarn. . . .

    And for Danielle up there: http://wishwishwish.net/2013/11/easy-60s-beehive-tutorial/

    And please post pictures in your sweater when you do this! :)