Reading the Fine Print


Sweater: Audrey in Unst by Gudrun Johnston; madelinetosh dk twist in onyx; my notes and modifications on Indispensable
Dress: Alice + Olivia - and wait, it's your lucky day if you a) want one just like it and b) are one size smaller than I am because I didn't read the fine print and now own two. Got it on sale for 70% retail (meaning a $700 dress is only $200) and I'll throw the shipping in for free! Otherwise it's off to online consignment with it
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik; similar styles at Gucci - and those are a great deal, Casadei also on sale, and Sergio Rossi yet again on sale - good time to buy red pumps, it seems
Lips: Dolce and Gabbana passion duo gloss fusion lipstick in Infatuation

So sometimes a sale isn't all it's cracked up to be: like when you don't notice that it's a "final" sale, so that dress you bought in two sizes to see which one would fit is now a dress you own in two sizes. Serious about selling the size 4...

But I love this dress even though this picture is rather terrible and the shadowing makes it look like I neither have a waist nor a complexion - this is the danger of photographing yourself as you are rushing to get to work ad picking the best of a number of terrible photos because you really want to tell everyone about your dress which you bought ages ago, but are only now getting around to wearing (let's not go into why you've had two of the same dress for months without trying to offload one). But this is a festive dress and it's a festive time which, despite last week's scrooginess, I am totally up for. Probably because we got our tree yesterday. And exchanged our ornaments (and, for the record, the one my husband got me was amazing and handmade). And I am done with all my Christmas (Chanukah) shopping.

What I am coming around to, however, and I know I've touched on it before, is that I think I am not a cardigan person. Or not a this kind of cardigan person. The fitted cardigan, so adorable and wonderful on so so many people, especially with cool full-skirted dresses like this one, has ceased to make me happy. I mean, look at how the top left of the cardigan is folded over on itself and totally unpolished? They all do that and it drives me insane. It looks sloppy and I don't know how to counteract it. How much better would this have looked with a blazer?!?

This cardigan aversion is particularly disturbing since I used part of the weekend to, at last, finish my Rhinebeck sweater (that's Rhinebeck 2014, mind you) which had only needed its button band put on. It's blocking now, and while it's a longer, less precious cardigan, I just look at it and wonder when it will ever be worn, and with what. My husband says it will be especially useful when I need to dress up as a couch (it's a particularly lovely shade of 1970s pukegreencouch, but he's not altogether wrong about its eventual utility. Which brings me to another development of the weekend: that Cromarty I discussed last week? I think I may have come around to the idea of frogging it. I will never wear it, I will be able to repurpose the yarn, and this means I won't have to knit a belt which I'm really not into.


  1. I messaged you elsewhere, but I am totally and for real interested in your extra dress if you think it will fit me.

    1. Okay, and now that I have read the rest of your blog post, I have a cardigan suggestion. Since you have broad shoulders, I am wondering if that is throwing off the fit on your cardigans at the neck/shoulder area.

      I've noticed that when you complain about your cardigans, it's usually the same issue: that sort of floppiness around the top of the button band. I don't necessarily notice that same issue in my cardigans, and one of the bigger differences between our relatively-similarly-sized bodies is in the shoulders.

    2. So perhaps cast on a larger size for the shoulders and then work around it for the body? I could do this.

  2. Yelena, what does this look like if you button the top of the sweater, either a couple of buttons, or down over the bust and leave the bottom open? I think this sweater is designed to be buttoned at the top, and most of the projects are modeled this way.

    1. Yeah...I've tried it all the ways, but I just don't like the look of buttoned only at the top - I always feel sloppy looking: like why don't you button either all of these of none of these, or button them at the waist like a blazer. I might be a blazer girl when it comes to work and then a sloppy cardigan girl for weekends - my rocky coast and driven both get a lot of "on the couch and chilly" use.