A Promise is a Promise


Sweater: Grandpa Cardigan by Joji Locatelli; Swans Island All American Worsted in Kelp; my self-recrimination and complaining on Spirogyra
Jeans: Madewell Alley Straight in Harrison; how about the waterfall color?
Shoes: Target. Seriously.
Lips: Dolce and Gabbana passion duo gloss fusion lipstick in Sensual and Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Hot

I somehow managed not to get photos of this while it was 2014, though it was finished then. Not for Rhinebeck, mind you, but it was finished. And I'd like to take this opportunity to 2015 Resolve not to knit any more cardigans until I can figure out if I wear cardigans (the one exception is Grace because it is a WIP I want to finish). So let's get some apologies out of the way: the pattern is terrific,, mostly intuitive, and fun; the yarn is amazing and I can't wait to get more. But this sweater is not me. This sweater is only me when I am sad and sick and cold. When I am wearing jeans and my Dalton t-shirt and am working from home because I worked until 11:30pm last night and didn't want to have to schlep to the office in the cold and now snow. This sweater is neither me nor my lifestyle despite the face that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THE SWEATER.


So instead let's talk about my hair. My other 2015 resolution was to start treating my hair with the same love and care that I treat my skin. Like most women, I have never been happy with my hair. Why I should have been granted both hair that is thin to the point of needing intervention, yet frizzy, is an issue I intend to bring up with the universe when I meet it, but in the meantime, there are things I can do. I had already tried the at-home cures: I wash my hair very very infrequently, I condition it a lot, occasionally, I even style it, but it wasn't cutting it, so when I read an article about a keratin process that is designed especially for people who want to retain the natural body of their hair and don't want the harsh chemicals of a full keratin treatment, I started doing some research. At a salon in Manhattan is a guy who developed something called the Zero Frizz Quickie: it's keratin, but without the formaldehyde. I looked for before and after photos of women who had hair similar to mine, found one, sucked it up, and made the appointment. I then spent some time rationalizing the cost by reminding myself that I don't color my hair and don't really spend any money on it at all save the 3ish times per year I have it cut.

Well these are the results. This hair got a scalp treatment this morning, followed by a single pump of serum, and was then rough dried. No brush, no mousse, no flat iron. Just me, my conair $30 hairdryer, and my hands. After a lifetime of sad hair, this has been the most amazing thing ever. True, it is the very first few days, but if this lasts the 6-8 weeks promised (though the stylist said that my shitty flat thin hair might retain the effects up to 4 months, so that would be nicely compensatory), it is so worth the price because I am not sad about my hair. And now that winter is officially upon us with its cold, dark bleakness, I need all the happy I can find.


  1. I bought the ankle version of those boots (with a slightly pointier toe) about 4 or 5 years ago, and wore them until I had holes in the soles. They were dead ringers for Frye boots. Had I known how awesome they would be, I would have bought 4 pairs in my size!

    I'm better at it then I was a few years ago, but it's a continual process to figure how what works best on yourself (and then knit accordingly). You're right -- it's still a great sweater, though. And your hair does look amazing!

  2. I feel bad ragging on the sweater which is perfectly lovely, I just so rarely dress like this that it hardly seems worth it to knit sweaters for outfits such as these. I will admit, though, that I have shamelessly worn the boots to work with shirtdresses. Maybe I should knit a shirtdress - I've been really into those this year ;)