Because Ridiculous is Cool Saith I


Socks (!!!!): A mash up of the Vanilla Socks by Carle Dehning and the Fish Lips Kiss Heel by Sox Therapist; the unbelievably AMAZING Striped Turtle Toes yarn in Trenchcoat by Turtlepurl; and I really didn't make any notes on Naughty Prepster
Dress: Jason Wu for Target; similar styles by Tracy Reese, Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and a not terrible looking one from Target
Shoes: Nicholas Kirkwood; and I really stuck out trying to find non-patent mary janes, so a few non-traditional choices from Giuseppe Zanotti and Aperlai
Lips: Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Intense in 27, satin dark rosewood

This outfit is bananas. I know this. If I was not actually wearing a slightly more bananas outfit today (with the socks), I would be even judgier. These socks are bananas. AWESOME bananas. They are my first sock-weight socks, my first knee-highs, my first self-striping yarn. I love them. I love them because I have no earthly business wearing them. I love them because they are even somehow worse in the Burberry colors. I wish I could think of more inappropriate ways to wear them.

Which came first, the yarn or the socks? Well it was obviously the yarn since I never thought I would suck it up and make myself a pair of socks. In all honesty, I started these socks at the end of last summer and would do an inch or so when I needed seriously boring knitting. But I saw the yarn on Tanis's blog and I had to have a pair. Immediately. I also knew they would have to be knee highs because I just don't have any occasion to wear ankle socks. I bought two skeins to be sure I would have enough and because the universe is my friend, these only took one skein meaning...yup elbow-length gloves will one day happen.

Wanna know why? Because sometimes life is terrible and you feel awful and you don't know from where joy will come. So you do something frivolous. And that tiny bit of frivolity pokes through the dark cloud of horrible just a little bit. And that might be enough for the time being to remind you that terrible horrible no good very bad is, of necessity, a temporary condition.

Or perhaps you're just into cos-play.


  1. I've got that lipstick! (I'm a sucker for anything "rosewood", "fig", "raisin", etc...)

    The socks are fabulous. :D

    1. I hadn't worn the lipstick in a while and when I found it and put in on I remembered what a great shade it was!

  2. Perhaps this means I have awful style, but ain't nothin' ridiculous about this outfit. It's playful and fun but still age-appropriate (the latter of which I'll probably have the hardest time with as I hurtle toward middle age).

    Knee highs + Mary janes forevvvvver!

    1. I feel as though I may do less wardrobe whimsy than others, but thank you for the vote of confidence!

  3. Come visit me-- you can sashay down the streets and alleys of Harajuku and no one will even look twice. In fact, you'll look far more normal than most... ;-))

    (Again-- this is why scrolling down makes for such wonderful comedic experiences. As I scrolled, and waited for the photo to load... from the top.... down... I saw a top. And no sweater? Did Yelena knit a skirt... nooo.... a dress. A knit-less post?? It NEVER OCCURED to me to think you'd knit socks. And then-- not only had you knit socks. You had knit knee-hi, self-striping Burberry socks to wear with patent Mary Jane heels. I tell you, I've only just barely recovered enough breath from all the ROFLOLing to sit up and type this. Just when I think you rocked it out as far as you can...
    p.s.-- Persiphae is enjoying its new home. The weather was actually cooperative enough to chill out several days so I could wear it for real outside. Love it! Plan to use up the remainder of the extra skein as well-- waste not, want not;-)))

    1. I will totally pack this outfit for my visit :) I feel as though I ought to dye my hair a non-traditional color too, no? and I'm so glad the sweater is working out!!!

  4. See-- excess laughter= lack of oxygen to brain.
    That last (in)complete sentence before the p.s. should read:

    Just when I think *you've* rocked it out as far as you *could*.

    Sorry 'bout that.