Emily Says: That Is Not A Dress


Sweater: Hey Girl by Bonnie Marie Burns; wollmeise dk in fruhling; my notes and modifications on Atlantic Pacific
Dress: The Reformation (similar dress from current collection); similar styles from Loft, T by Alexander Wang, and bcbg
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik (similar shoe from current collection); other nude mary janes from SJP, Miu Miu, and Rupert Sanderson
Lips: Dolce and Gabbana passion duo gloss fusion lipstick in Sensual and Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Hot

Wait! Don't click any of those links! I need to plug Fashionism. I met this guy at my maid of honor's birthday a couple years ago and he was talking about a website idea he was on the point of launching. It's the simplest of affiliate payback sites, only its focus is fashion, specifically, highish fashion. You know the drill, start your shopping through the Fashionism site and get a small percentage of your purchase price back. I pestered him to be a beta user and have gotten to know him fairly well over that time (and found more than my fair share of broken links, I'll have you know), I've also amassed over $100 in my "cash back" account. Is that a tremendous amount of money? Nope. Is it the kind of money I would buy things I didn't need to acquire? Nope. Is it totally acceptable as a fun bonus for crap I was already buying? Yup. I mean Sephora is an affiliate, and I buy tons of crap at Sephora already. Getting 5% of the stuff I purchase back? Sounds good to me. So this isn't a get rich quick scheme, it's a "hey would you like a couple bucks back on that thing you were already buying? great, click this link." In the 2 years I've used it, I have not been "accidentally on purpose" subscribed to anyone's mailing list or experienced anything else unexpected or untoward. So there's my pitch. I'll probably make it again because it is a service I actually use.

Back to Emily's pearl clutching. I may have a bit of a The Reformation addiction. I love the style, I love the concept, I love everything about it save the fact that the vast majority of the clothing is designed to be worn without a bra and I need to wear a bra. They have a twice annual sale, which is where I got this dress ("dress"), but I have also been availing myself of their full-priced merchandise with somewhat alarming regularity because it is just that awesome (I have repeatedly begged the Fashionism guy to get them as an affiliate). Also the one thing I bought that had major problems? Return, full refund, no questions asked. I love them. But, there mini dresses are definitely mini. Over the protestations/eye rolling of both Emily and my husband, I will kick a super short skirt from time to time, but with a modest upper. So long sleeved, buttoned shirtdress with casual cardigan up top and Tina Turner on the bottom kinda works for me.

Still in love with this sweater, still wondering why my second is still a WIP, still hate the buttons. Notice a pattern? I sometimes feel my lazy is actually a special power.