It's Frickin Freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth


Sweater: Orchard Pullover by Nicole Montgomery; Bartlettyarns Glen Tweed in granite; my notes and modifications on Pink Lady
Skirt: bcbgeneration; similar styles at Club Monaco and by Joa
Socks: Delicious Knee Socks by Laura Chau, expertly knit by AJ aka glacierflame
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik boots; still kinda bummed by this year's classic black stiletto boot selection, however, if these go on more sale (say total price in the $300 neighborhood), I would feel good recommending them
Gloves: Cashmere-lined leather from a shop in Florence; buy a pair; heck, buy three Lips: Korres mango butter lipstick in nude PLUS Bobbi Brown high shimmer lip gloss in Hot

I was feeling pretty good on the drive to work. I had finally figured out that iTunes is so effing stupid that even though I definitely own the music and it's on my external hard drive (and has been synced to iTunes previously), iTunes doesn't believe I still own it once the external hard drive is turned off, so in order to get to that music, on goes the drive, transfer goes the iTunes, music goes to me. This allowed me to be cruising down the highway with Joe Cocker playing. Loudly. This was making me really happy until I saw the life I really wanted in the lane next to me. There was a simply gorgeous vintage Mercedes SL red convertible (top up, obviously) cruising along having a grand old time, and I realized that what I really wanted was to be listening to Joe Cocker in that car. I hope to all the gods in all the worlds that the man driving the car that should be mine wasn't listening to Miley Cyrus.

While I shouldn't be complaining about the cold as I will, personally, be temporarily unaffected by it starting Sunday when we travel to warmer climes to celebrate a traditional Thanksgiving of walking on the beach, sipping daiquiris, and taunting the residents of underwaterland, I still hate the cold and BEG of the world's lovely warm locales to get something approximating a non-tourism economy and a Whole Foods so that I can move to you. The strange thing about this winter when compared with all the previous ones, is that I will actually spend very little of it outside. My garage is attached, I drive to and from work, and the only mandatory daily outside is the 50 yard walk from my car to the front door of my office. So I feel as though I will experience winter a bit differently this year. Which doesn't make me hate it less. Especially as no matter what, my toes always get cold. I don't know if you can really see the socks in the photo (it's dark out there), but they are delightful and come well over my knees and I am wearing them over socks and under boots and have been in my office now for 45 minutes...and my toes are still cold.

This yarn comes from Rhinebeck 2013 and while it is a touch itchy and I am unusually wearing a t-shirt under the sweater, it is definitely warm. Which is why I definitely bought more yarn from this company Rhinebeck 2014 (though I got their sportweight this year). While I think the cabled cuffs are pretty cool on the sweater, they are also a touch impractical because they make the arm opening amply large enough for cold air to blow in; however, the turtleneck permits no such incursions. Which owns. I don't know why more people haven't made this sweater as the cables are really nice and it's really really winter appropriate. With a couple of tweaks, this is a pretty perfect winter sweater. Go forth and knit!

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  1. Love the pinky tweed!

    As someone who actually loves winter but also suffers from always cold toes, I can share two things that have helped immensely: proper wool socks and proper winter boots. You will have to suffer for fashion a bit, and it's a pain in the arse to bring your nice shoes to work with you, but your toes will thank you. For socks, I adore Darn Tough and Farm to Feet (you will never look twice at Smartwool again, promise). And the bestest, warmest boots ever are Steger Mukluks. Not pretty, I know. But warm. Oh so toasty warm.