Follow Friday | August 22

You know when you run across people who are way cooler than you are but you can't even be angry at them because their cool is, in no way, self-conscious (or self-aggrandizing)? That's how I feel about Dayana.

I look through her project pages with my jaw open (and likely some drool hanging about), and when I saw her most recent project, Truesilk Sandy which she also blogs about, I knew that now was the time to make her the Follow Friday.

It's not just that her knitting is pretty flawless, it's that she seems to pick projects designed to challenge her and to delight the rest of us. Her Anatolia is a project I likely look at every week because it's the kind of project I want to make and who wouldn't after seeing hers? and if you think her fair isle is impressive in technicolor, then you'll likely want to sit down and take a deep breath when you see what she does with only two colors.

But like all good crushes, she's good at everything. Her cabling is amazing and her sense of adventure makes me want to take up Parkour (not really). My Knitted Armor is an incredible work and she somehow makes it seem natural as a wardrobe piece - a talent I aspire to. Because what I love most about Dayana's choices is that she appears to say "eff it" to the idea that elaborate knits don't work in a regular wardrobe or a regular life. I see pieces all the time that I'd love to knit, but then choose not to because I worry that I wouldn't wear them. Dayana is (slowly) giving me the extra push I need to knit something and make it work with my wardrobe because, dammit, that's a cool frickin' sweater.

Finally, it is evident from her photos and tone that she doesn't take herself too seriously which makes her all the more cool.


  1. OMG, you are too nice! I am just... speechless, yes... but also so pleased that you admire my work despite all the amazing pieces YOU have made. A new dream: a tour (complete with try-ons) of each other's sweater closets!!

  2. Oh and for the record before you think I am too adventurous... My Knitted Armor is one of two pieces I constantly put on before leaving the house and then take off because I think it's too showy! I need to find me some bigger knitting... balls? :D

  3. Mine is the carnation pink Kim Hargreaves Ryder with the huge cables and peplum - I only rarely feel like I can pull it off. And I will happily invite myself up (wardrobe in tow) to Montreal as your food is excellent!

  4. My favorite Dayana creation is: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/dayana/clarinet. I am also powerfully fond of her My Knitted Armor and your Kim Hargreaves Ryder, both. Honourable mention goes to Dayana's http://www.ravelry.com/projects/dayana/fine-art-literally - the prettiest example of planned pooling.

  5. She's not messing around :) I would love to own a pair of those thigh highs, knitting them is another matter entirely, but I had overlooked both of these before, because of my sweater-blinders, and want to thank you for sharing them because they are likewise amazing!