Too Hot Tuesday


I love the summer, but it's not all that knitwear friendly. And I have an unnatural fear of laceweight. And I'm lazy and would prefer not to knit on size 2 needles. And, and, and. But the heat does make me think about projects I might like to make for future hot weather. My experience knitting tanks is that the straps are never strong enough to hold the weight of the body without stretching out, which is why I've been eyeing the Sherbrooke Street Top which was just released. The a-line design is not my preferred shape, but I can see it being really wardrobe friendly, especially in lovely neutrals like the sample. The straps are wide and looks substantial enough to support the sweater's body. I'd wear it with a straight black skirt or, if feeling saucy, a red one like this St. John or, at $17 it makes little sense not to add this Dorothy Perkins to the wardrobe.

I also really want to find a way to make Hane work for me. Nearly everyone who has made one has styled it with jeans, but I'm wondering if it might not go with the J. Crew skirts I just bought (they are 22.50 down from 98, I couldn't resist, and if I like the way they fit, I might buy them in more colors, though I was disappointed that the pale citrus color sold out...). It would mark the first time I would knit myself a top in linen, and that would definitely be summer appropriate (do you hear how I'm trying to convince myself to purchase yarn?). Then there's the crazy part of me that would learn to crochet simply to make this dress! Which I would then pair with outrageous shoes like these by Sophia Webster, these by Alexander Mcqueen, or heck, let's go back to Sophia Webster and really make a crazy statement!

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